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Ok…so each day I encounter basically the same questions. Well, I cant go into details, my job is not customer service, but Marketing Consultation..which means..when you are ready to rock…call me and lets roll…  here are some nifty links to get you ready..

To recap, I’m an Online Marketing Specialist at Google and I help companies like yours that are new to AdWords. I’m a part of an account management team that offers free education, training, and support to new advertisers during their first full month using AdWords. (thats my own little pitch..)

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A business that use Google Adwords

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Affiliate Marketing Review

So…as some of you know, I work on behalf of Google selling their ad space on Google, YouTube, and their Display Network of over 5 million sites. Over the last year, my skills with Keywords, analyzing traffic, creating ad campaigns and even using blogs and wordpress have gotten much better.  

My current adventure is the film “Cultivated”. I ran a YouTube ad for two weeks…the traffic hit 14,000 views, over 50,000 impressions…good work. We will continue advertising the site until the film is finished. In fact I am going to attempt to raise $20,000 using Kickstarter and the little knowledge gained over the past three years. But thats not why Im blogging today…

There are great tools out there for learning about Internet Marketing. One way lots of people are starting their own business is Affiliate Marketing, thats where you sell other peoples products or services and you get a percentage of that.  I think its a great way for people to get into working for themselves without a whole lot of startup capital.  

But there is a lot to learn…a lot of free ebooks and silly courses to fill up your email with…most likely people will not be able to keep up with the emails (speaking from personal experience). Using a affiliate marketing training course is the way to go….the good ones have a free version and a paid version.

Well, ever since I first tried Amway, read Donald Trumps the art of the deal…and my interest in business…Im going to create a blog/site that will review the different Affiliate Training sites. I will only use the free versions and upgrade IF the training helps me earn the money to upgrade. Each of the programs do have an affiliate program so hey, I may even earn a buck or two…but the main thing will be showing people how this stuff works…coming from the mouth of an average guy…not some guru who is sitting on an island teaching this…(no offense to the Guru’s many of which really did come from humble beginnings)

So this is my first official announcement…I do plan on creating my own site to help others with marketing on and offline businesses. Hearing the excitement on my clients voices each day is something I do want to continue being a part of…running my own Agency in addition to my videos and music…will fit naturally…shoot…Im even thinking of shooting wedding videos…but more on that later.

Ok…so thanks for reading this…

The Ages of Hip Hop: Hip Hop Is Not Dead, Just In Its Dark Ages

The Ages of Hip Hop: Hip Hop Is Not Dead, Just In Its Dark Ages


I was laying in bed thinkin about how to describe what I see when it comes to hip hop…the best way and the shortest would be to describe it in terms of ages.

As a young kid in 1979 I remember looking at all the different albums people had in their homes, at that time white folks and black folks had wide variety of tastes. Of course there were many crossovers and my best friend’s dad was a huge Marley fan, but that’s another tale.

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Hip Hop Stimulus

I was reading a pretty long post today on a Rant about the so called Hip Hop Is Dead thought wave…

It was actually really good, homeboy really got into the essence of what has gone on over the years and a look at the opposing view points on what happened to hip hop…if anything.

Well…you should take a minute to read it..if not I got the best quote to sum it all up right here..but before that…I think its time to for hip hop to lead the way to a new entertainment industry…one that has more participants who must work together if they are gonna make entertainment a field where everyone can earn enough to live that puts in the work and has the talent.

So…I will holla more about a stimulus…but we need to understand where we are at now..without further ado..Mos’Def 

"They’ve got their little categories, like ‘conscious’ and ‘gangsta,’" says Mos Def. "It used to be a thing where hip-hop was all together. Fresh Prince would be on tour with NWA. It wasn’t like, ‘You have got to like me in order for me to like you.’ That’s just some more white folks trying to think that all *beep* are alike, and now it’s expanded. It used to be one type of *beep* now it’s two. There is so much more dimension to who we are. A monolith is a monolith, even if there’s two monoliths to choose from." Mos Def sees the danger, however, in having only one dimension of the black experience get airplay, which in present terms is usually of the bling-bling or thug variety. "I ain’t mad at Snoop. I’m not mad at Master P. I ain’t mad at the Hot Boyz. I’m mad when that’s all I see. I would be mad if I looked up and all I saw on TV was me or Common or the Roots, because I know that ain’t the whole deal. The real joy is when you can kick it with everyone. That’s what hip-hop is all about." 

But what can we do? Something…this is our take here 


The New Day

There is a saying in the bible that when the end comes it will be like a thief in the night…after living passed the 2000 computer scare…and now the end of the Mayan Calendar urban myth…I truly believe this.

However, as a spiritual person that understands cycles…this is a great thing…its a time to start anew. Personally my walk has been an uncovering and discovery of sorts. My background is like a movie to be real, but I digress….

Today is a new day!!! Lets be the best we can be..right here…right now…no more twelve steps…articles from magazines….simply make every choice the best choice all the time…littering…speeding…grumbling under your breath…we can all learn to knock it off!!

Cultivating A Dream

Cultivated The Movie Mic

This is a link to my indie film being produced in Arizona. Written for the hip hop underground, by the hip hop underground, about…you got it.. 

We believe the indie world is just beginning, yes people are creating music outside of the industry walls…but the complete break is not quite there yet…so this film actually takes a look at that opportunity and the challenges it brings with it.

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